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LLC "KomplektEnergo"

OOO KomplektEnergo carries out many activities, such as engineering development, manufacturing, supply and maintenance of nuclear power plant equipment, design, manufacturing and supply of equipment for other nuclear installations and sectors of industry.

Quality policy is a part of OOO KomplektEnergo Strategy; it corresponds to the goals of the organization and establishes the following activities:

1. Ensure the required quality of products designed and manufactured for nuclear installations with absolute priority of nuclear installations safety over the business and production goals of the organization.

2. Supply products or services that comply with the requirements of Customers, international responsibilities, the legislation of the Russian Federation, the established regulations, norms and rules of atomic energy use and industrial safety, and other industries to suppliers, products, services.

3. Manufacture products with unconditional compliance with occupational safety requirements and minimal impact on the environment.

4. Ensure the reliability of manufacturing and delivery of products and services at all times: quality, timing, completeness.

5. Learn and develop the existing manufacturing methods and processes.

6. Increase the performance efficiency of the organization, its competitive performance, taking into account the interests of Customers, employees, and stakeholders.

7. Systematically analyze current and future Customer requirements and expectations.

8. Build mutually beneficial relationships with reliable external suppliers based on principles of trust and


9. Ensure professional development of staff (improve qualification and competence of staff through training at specialized organizations, as well as disseminate knowledge within the organization) that work with Customers, Partners, and Suppliers within the organization.

10. Increase personal interest of staff in safe and efficient work through financial and moral incentives; build staff commitment to the basic principles of safety culture.

11. Identify and minimize risks that affect reliability of manufacturing and delivery, as well as Customer


12. Continuously improve the Quality Management and Control System.

13. Fully comply with the requirements of standards, instructions, and management orders.

The Quality Policy applies to the activity of structural subdivisions, "OP Morshansk" standalone subdivision, officials, and staff.

All executives and specialists of the organization must follow the Quality Policy when supplying


General Director of OOO KomplektEnergo is obliged to implement the Policy.

Director General

V. V. Sukhoruchenko

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