quality assurance/ control policy


The Quality Policy is part of KomplektEnergo LLC Business Strategy, is fully integrated into our business processes and sets the following business goals:

1. Providing products / services that meet the (applicable) requirements set forth by:

    • the Russian Federation laws;

    • regulations, codes and standards applicable to nuclear industry and other types of power industry as regards suppliers, products and services;

    • Customer requirements: technical requirements to products / services, terms of agreements / contracts. 

      2. Constant assurance of product supply and services: quality (conformity), deadlines, completeness.

      3. Identifying and mitigating the risks affecting the reliability of supplies and Customer satisfaction.

      4. Assuring a high professional level of our staff as they interact with Customers, Partners, Suppliers and their peers within the Company.

      5. Identifying and using every opportunity to assure and enhance Customers satisfaction (optimizing the timeframes, expanding the project portfolio, offering best-performing products supplied by reliable partners).

      6. Considering the quality of products / services as a competitive advantage, among other things, when implementing strategic goals and launching new business areas.

      7. Contributing top ower industry development, performance enhancement, improvement of reliability and safety of power industry facilitiesoperation.

      8. Constant improvement of Quality Management and Control System.

      KomplektEnergo LLC CEO shall be in charge of implementing this Policy.          
      The Quality Policy shall be binding upon all managers and specialists at all levels within the Company and shall apply to implementation of all projects involving productsupplies/ services.

KomplektEnergo LLC CEO
V.V. Sukhoruchenko

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