Start cooperation
2009 year
Country of origin:
Czech Republic


In the Russian market “KomplektEnergo” is the representative of VÍTKOVICE Power Engineering a.s. (Czech Republic), a leading producer of power equipment.

The largest machine-building plant in Europe is part of VÍTKOVICE Machinery Group. The equipment manufactured by VÍTKOVICE Power Engineering (VPE) is operated at Russian and foreign power plants and is figure of merit and quality.

In 2012 “KomplektEnergo” and VÍTKOVICE Power Engineering signed a strategic agreement, and on its basis “KomplektEnergo” became the exclusive supplier of high-tech VPE thermal and mechanical equipment for the Russian NPPs up to 2017.

“KomplektEnergo” and VÍTKOVICE Power Engineering, under implementation of one of the programs of concern “Rosenergoatom”, are modernizing low pressure reheaters and high pressure reheaters (PND and PVD) for Russian NPP. PND equipment has already been manufactured and delivered to Rostov NPP, Balakovo NPP and Kalinin NPP. Moreover, the company jointly manufactures PND set and condensate coolers for the under construction unit No 4 of Rostov NPP.

Project gallery

In 2014, KomplektEnergo was engaged in fast-paced work with VÍTKOVICE Power Engineering.

This includes completion of a large project to supply eight high pressure heaters in assembly (PVD-K) under the contract with Kalinin NPP for Units 1 and 2 – four heaters per power unit. This was dictated by the need to modernize the heat exchange equipment at existing power units in order to increase their operating life and to extend the service life.

Supply of three low-pressure heaters (PND-1) in last year kicked off the fulfillment of the contract for manufacturing and supply of PNDs for Unit 4 under construction of the Rostov NPP. The total scope of equipment manufactured by VÍTKOVICE includes three PND-1, two PND-2, one PND-3, one PND-4 and two coolers for PND-2 and PND-4, of which condensate coolers were delivered in December 2014. In March 2015, two month ahead of the schedule, KomplektEnergo delivered two PND-2 to the NPP; PND-3 and PND-4 was delivered in June 2015.

KomplektEnergo simultaneously fulfills a number of contracts for supply of heat exchange equipment for NPP, manufactured by our partner VÍTKOVICE. Now the production of pipe systems of low pressure heaters is under way (five PN-1200 and two PN-3000) for Balakovo NPP. Under the contract, the delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2015, final shipments will take place in November. In 2014, similar equipment has already been delivered to Balakovo NPP – two pipe systems PN-3000.

KomplektEnergo has signed contracts for the future: five pipe systems PN-1200 will be manufactured and shipped to Balakovo NPP in 2016-2017.

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