ICL Industrial Products

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2010 year
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ICL Industrial Products

KomplektEnergo is the exclusive partner of ICL Industrial Products for deliveries of fire-resistant fluid Fyrquel® L to Russian NPP.

Fire-resistant fluid Fyrquel® L is used at NPP in the turbine control systems and ensures efficient equipment operation at high temperature conditions. Currently fire-resistant fuel Fyrquel® L is supplied to power plants for the power generating units No 3 and 4 of Kalinin NPP and Kola NPP.

Apart from deliveries to NPP KomplektEnergo is actively developing cooperation with thermal and hydro-electric plants in Russia and CIS countries. In 2012 KomplektEnergo had delivered fire-resistant fluid Fyrquel® EHC to Nizhnevartovskaya GRES.

Fyrquel® meets all the requirements, presented to fire-resistant oils, used in turbine oil system, and has:

  • Superior fire-resistant quality;
  • Excellent lubrication properties;
  • High thermal oxidative stabilities;
  • Enhanced hydrolytic stability;
  • Superior toxicological parameters;
  • Long life.

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